We Feed People

From Haiti to Madagascar, North Carolina to the Navajo Nation, Puerto Rico to Washington, D.C., and all around the world, the food relief NGO World Central Kitchen has sped to crisis locations to help with the most urgent of human needs: Feeding communities who suddenly find themselves with limited access to food. Founded by chef JOSÉ ANDRÉS — acclaimed restaurateur, James Beard award-winning chef and recipient of the National Humanities Medal — in 2010, the group is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate and community crises, and builds resilient food systems with locally-led solutions. By starting with the idea of “one plate at a time” and recruiting local communities and cooks in areas struck by disaster, WCK puts into action Andrés’ long-held belief that “big problems have very simple solutions.”

In WE FEED PEOPLE, OscarⓇ-winning director Ron Howard shows Andrés and the WCK team at locations across the globe as the multiple threats of a changing climate require split-second responses and innovative, immediate solutions to so many life-threatening emergencies. Since Andrés came to the U.S. from Spain over 30 years ago and began a remarkable culinary career that grew to locations in almost a dozen cities internationally, his passion and life’s work have gone hand in hand with activism. Seeing hunger relief as the first and most vital line of aid, and one that too often gets bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape, Andrés and WCK have become part of a worldwide, energetic team supporting food security one plate at a time.

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