Eclipse Across America

On Monday, April 8, at least 32 million people across America will find themselves in the path of a total solar eclipse. The eclipse will pass over parts of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada – completely blocking the sun in what will be the last of its kind in the U.S. until 2044. And ABC News and Nat Geo will bring the eclipse to you with the two-hour live special ECLIPSE ACROSS AMERICA. The morning sky will turn to darkness. Crickets will start chirping as though it were night, singing birds will fall into an eerie silence, and stars will appear. It is nature’s greatest and rarest spectacle: a total eclipse of the sun — complete darkness except for the magnificent silver ring of the sun’s corona surrounding the impossibly black Moon. Anchored by ABC’s David Muir and Linsey Davis, with coverage from over half a dozen states, featuring ABC News correspondents and Nat Geo talent and Explorers, this is the American eclipse – LIVE!

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