Leading into World Ocean Day, National Geographic unveils new jaw-some original content for this year’s annual SHARKFEST, kicking off on the network June 30 at 9/8c with Marvel superhero Anthony Mackie (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”) with the marquee special SHARK BEACH WITH ANTHONY MACKIE: GULF COAST, the next installment of the hit SHARK BEACH franchise. The hour-long special features Mackie, who also serves as executive producer, navigating the waters of his hometown in New Orleans with leading scientists and local fishermen to uncover what can be done to help. Fishermen’s livelihoods, locals’ safety, and the future of regional shark conservation are all on the line. Following at 10/9c, ultra-athlete swimmer, world record holder and shark advocate Ross Edgley (@rossedgley) will attempt to pit his mind and body against four of the most formidable sharks in the ocean in SHARK VS. ROSS EDGLEY.

Other fin-tastic programming includes BABY SHARKS IN THE CITY which explores a newly discovered great white shark nursery off the coast of New York City; SHARK ATTACK 360 unravels in forensic detail WHY sharks attack; ATTACK OF THE RED SEA SHARKS investigates a recent spike of deadly attacks in Egypt; SHARKS GONE VIRAL dishes out the fun as comedians and experts dive into the frenzy of the world’s most viral shark videos; and learn more about the biggest tiger sharks on Earth dominating the shores of Australia in SUPERSIZED SHARKS.

Taking a bite out of the competition, in addition to airing and streaming on Nat Geo, Disney+, Hulu, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo Mundo and ESPN2, SHARKFEST programming will also air and stream across multiple Disney platforms including FAST pop-up Channel on ABC and Nat Geo apps featuring loop of content from years past; 2023 SHARKFEST content will be available for free on ABC and Nat Geo TVE apps; a 24/7 live stream of 2023 content will stream on YouTube; and encore presentations on Disney XD. SHARKFEST collection pages will also be available on the Nat Geo TV app and ABC app.

SHARKFEST not only takes viewers up close and personal with sharks but also highlights the importance of conservation, taking care of the planet’s oceans and beaches, and features scientific experts, cutting-edge technology and first-of-its-kind research where viewers can discover even more groundbreaking insights about the ocean’s most fearsome predator. In BABY SHARKS IN THE CITY, a baby great white is tagged with a camera tag for the first time off the coast of New York, allowing the capture of second-by-second data to reveal first-ever science about the life of a baby shark including the depth it swims, acceleration, hunting behaviors and more. Other firsts include the science team for SUPERSIZED SHARKS tagging a pregnant tiger shark in the waters of New Caledonia in the Coral Sea in the hopes of discovering a tiger pupping ground. In SHARK VS. ROSS EDGLEY, Ross attempts to match the speed of a mako shark by swimming with currents and trains with synchronized swimmers in an effort to Polaris breach like a great white shark.

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Fin-Favorite Multi-platform Extravaganza Will Air Across Nat Geo, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo Mundo, ESPN2, and Will Stream July 1 on Disney+ and Hulu

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