The Ghost and Molly McGee


Season 02

214. Carbon Zero Heroes / Davenport’s in Demise

“Carbon Zero Heroes” – When Molly and Ollie decide to embrace a carbon-zero lifestyle, they realize it’s harder than it seems. “Davenport’s in Demise” – When Davenport’s closes, Andrea must figure out who she is without her family’s store.
Air Date: 08/05/2023

212. The Ghost IS Molly McGee / All in the Mind

“The Ghost IS Molly McGee” – Molly and Scratch agree to a body swap when they are forced to deal with their own discomfort with feelings. “All in the Mind” – When Scratch breaks out in a bad case of bubbles, he and Molly take a surreal journey into his mind to find a cure.
Air Date: 07/29/2023

210. Jinx! / Let’s Play Turnipball!

“Jinx!” – When Jinx jinxes Scratch, he and Molly must find a way to undo it. *Media personality and actress Liza Koshy returns as Jinx. “Let’s Play Turnipball!” – Molly vows to score Brighton’s first win against Perfektborg.
Air Date: 07/22/2023

207. Like Father Like Libby / Dance Dad Revolution

“Like Father Like Libby” – Libby and her mom go on a road trip to visit her dad, who she hasn’t seen in years. “Dance Dad Revolution” – Pete uses social media to bring attention to important issues but gets swept up in internet fame.
Air Date: 07/15/2023

211. All Shark No Bite / Nin-dependence

“All Shark No Bite” – With Mom and Dad out of the house, Molly, Darryl and Scratch watch a scary movie. “Nin-dependence” – When Grandma Nin is no longer able to live on her own, Molly and Sharon take care of her.
Air Date: 07/08/2023

206. I Wanna Dance With Some-Ollie / Davenport's on Demand

"I Wanna Dance With Some-Ollie" – Molly's loyalties are tested when she goes to a school dance with Ollie. "Davenport's on Demand" – When Andrea makes an app that threatens small businesses, Molly and Scratch must save the day. *Thomas Lennon ("RENO 911!") and Jessica Keenan Wynn ("Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again") return as Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, respectfully.
Air Date: 04/29/2023

204. A Period Place / It's Always Sunny in Sunnyland

"A Period Place" – When Libby gets her period before Molly does, Molly feels out of sync with her best friend. "It's Always Sunny in Sunnyland" – When the McGee's vacation gets canceled, Molly creates a staycation instead.
Air Date: 04/22/2023

203. Faint of Art / A Soda to Remember

"Faint of Art" – When Sharon has artist's block, Molly and the family remove all of her distractions. "A Soda to Remember" – When Scratch recalls a rare soda from his past life, Molly is determined to get it for him.
Air Date: 04/15/2023

202. Book Marks the Sprite / Double, Double, Darryl & Trouble

"Book Marks the Sprite" – Molly must distract Ollie while Scratch attempts to capture the Story Sprite. "Double, Double, Darryl & Trouble" – Darryl becomes a ghost for the day.
Air Date: 04/08/2023

201. The New (Para)Normal

When a new family moves in across the street, the McGees are put in a sticky situation. Scratch avoids his duties in the Ghost World.
Air Date: 04/01/2023

Season 01

120. The Jig is Up / Molly vs. The Ghost World

"The Jig is Up" – When the Ghost Council discovers joy in Brighton, Scratch must keep Molly out of harm's way. "Molly vs. The Ghost World" – When Scratch is taken to the Ghost World for trial, Molly sets out to save him.
Air Date: 07/09/2022

119. Scaring is Caring / All Night Plight

"Scaring is Caring" – When Scratch is unable to scare the day before his report is due, Molly takes over his scares. "All Night Plight" – Molly, Scratch and Libby try to stay up all night to see a rare comet.
Air Date: 07/02/2022

118. Out of House and Home / Home is Where the Haunt Is

"Out of House and Home" – The McGee's struggle to make ends meet after a hospital trip leaves them nearly broke. "Home is Where the Haunt Is" – Molly does her best to pretend everything is normal while Scratch protects the house. *Natasha Rothwell ("Insecure") guest stars as Candace Green, a Brighton relator, and Thomas Lennon ("Reno 911") returns as Mr. Davenport.
Air Date: 06/25/2022

117. The Lucky Penny / Lock, Stock and Peril

"The Lucky Penny" – Molly and Scratch help Libby improve her luck on Friday the 13th. "Lock, Stock and Peril" – When the McGee's get locked in the basement, Molly and Scratch seek help, but have trouble remaining focused.
Air Date: 06/18/2022

116. Citizen McGee / The Internship

"Citizen McGee" – When Molly's "Mayor for a Day" contest win turns into a "Mayor for Life" gig, she struggles under the pressure. "The Internship" – When Molly interns at Weird Larry's Pawn Show, she struggles to see the bright side in a shop full of discarded junk. *Sean Giambrone ("The Goldbergs") guest stars as Reggie, Scratch's new intern.
Air Date: 06/11/2022

115. Scare Tactics/The Bad Boy Bobby Daniels

“Scare Tactics” – After Scratch ditches class in favor of a fun day off with Geoff, he struggles to pass his scare test. *D’Arcy Carden (“The Good Place”) guest stars as Pango, a chipper ghost who teaches the yearly scaring seminar. “The Bad Boy Bobby Daniels” – When Molly and Scratch learn about Patty’s old flame, Bobby Daniels, they attempt to reunite the lovebirds. *Danny Trejo (“Machete”) guest stars as Bobby Daniels.
Air Date: 03/12/2022
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114. Goat Your Own Way/A Very Hungry Ghost

“Goat Your Own Way” – When Molly insists on training her unruly goat for the county fair the “Molly way,” she learns that positive reinforcement doesn’t always yield positive results. “A Very Hungry Ghost” – When the McGee’s celebrate a Thai holiday about feeding “hungry ghosts,” Scratch tries to keep the feast all to himself.
Air Date: 03/05/2022
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113. Innocent Until Proven Ghostly/Twin Trouble

"Innocent Until Proven Ghostly" – Molly tries to prove Scratch's innocence when he's falsely accused of a crime. "Twin Trouble" – Dad struggles to stay true to himself when his twin siblings come to visit.
Air Date: 02/26/2022
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107. Game Night/The Don't-Gooder

"Game Night" – The McGees let competition get the best of them during family game night. "The Don't-Gooder" – When Andrea steals credit for Molly's volunteer work, Molly tries to expose her.
Air Date: 02/19/2022
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112. Ice Princess/Ready, Set, Snow!

"Ice Princess" – When a ghost causes an ice storm in Brighton, only Dad can save the town from eternal winter. "Ready, Set, Snow!" – When Molly gets her first snow day, she struggles to give up on her perfect vision.
Air Date: 02/12/2022
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111. Festival of Lights / Saving Christmas

"Festival of Lights" – When a town-wide blackout occurs on the final night of Hanukkah, the people of Brighton seek refuge in Libby's mom's bookstore, the only place in town with light. "Saving Christmas" – Molly tries to convince Andrea's father to save Christmas after budget cuts leave Brighton without its beloved Snowflake Festival.
Air Date: 11/27/2021

110. Scratch the Surface / Friend-Off

"Scratch the Surface" – When constantly lying to Libby about Scratch begins to take a toll, Molly struggles to keep Scratch a secret. "Friend-Off" – When Libby and Scratch struggle to be friends with each other, Molly sends them on a scavenger hunt in an attempt to force their friendship.
Air Date: 11/20/2021

108. Monumental Disaster / Talent Show

"Monumental Disaster" – When Molly meets Brighton's legendary founder, Ezekial Tugbottom, she realizes he's not the hero history made him out to be. "Talent Show" – Molly tries to prevent Libby from humiliating herself in the school talent show without shattering her newfound confidence.
Air Date: 11/13/2021

107. Game Night / The Don't-Gooder

"Game Night" – The McGees lets competition get the best of them during family game night. "The Don't-Gooder" – When Andrea steals credit for Molly's volunteer work, Molly tries to expose her. *Thomas Lennon ("Reno 911!") and Jessica Keenan Wynn ("Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again") guest star as Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, respectively.
Air Date: 11/06/2021

106. Mazel Tov, Libby! / No Good Deed

“Mazel Tov, Libby!” – When Molly discovers her best friend didn’t even go close to big on the biggest day of life, Molly takes charge to throw Libby the best Bat Mitzvah ever. “No Good Deed” – When Darryl gets in trouble at school, Molly volunteers to help reform his delinquent ways by giving him ‘nice lessons.’
Air Date: 10/30/2021

105. Not So Honest Abe / The Best of Nin-tensions

“Not So Honest Abe” – Molly only has a few hours to put together an entire school project on Abraham Lincoln, but it’s helpful that Scratch knows Abraham Lincoln’s ghost. “The Best of Nin-tensions” – Molly senses tension between her mom and grandma Nin, so she takes it upon herself to identify the source of the conflict and mend the rift. TV-Y7
Air Date: 10/23/2021

104. Mama's Gotta Hustle / Hooray for Mollywood!

“Mama’s Gotta Hustle” – When the McGee’s van breaks down and the repair costs are more than they can afford, Molly’s mom decides to take on odd jobs to help the family make ends meet. “Hooray for Mollywood!” – Molly learns that more money means more problems when she teams up with Andrea to create a scary movie.
Air Date: 10/16/2021

103. Getting the Band(shell) Back Together / The Greatest Concert Ever

“Getting the Band(shell) Back Together” – When Molly learns about Brighton’s old outdoor concert Bandshell, she sets out to rebuild it to bring the community together. “The Greatest Concert Ever” – Molly must find a band to play the first concert at Brighton’s new Bandshell.
Air Date: 10/09/2021

102. Howlin' Harriet / The (Un)natural

“Howlin’ Harriet” – Molly attends a Wilder Scouts camping trip to scope out her options for a best friend. “The (Un)natural” – When Molly’s softball team struggles to believe in themselves, she decides to use Scratch’s ghost powers to manipulate the game and make them feel like winners.
Air Date: 10/02/2021

101. The Curse / First Day Frights

“The Curse” – Molly and the McGees move into their forever home, only to discover that it’s already occupied by a grumpy ghost. “First Day Frights” – Molly is determined to make a good first impression on her first day of school
Air Date: 10/01/2021