Season 01

121. Fruit Loot / Buddy Wanna-Be

“Fruit Loot” – The SuperKitties stop Zsa-Zsa from stealing all the oranges in Kittydale. “Buddy Wanna-Be” – Bitsy wants to be strong like Buddy but learns she’s pawesome just the way she is.

Air Date: 08/18/2023

120. Amara’s Tiara / Furball Blooper

“Amara’s Tiara” – The SuperKitties need to find out who is stealing the sparkly things in town, including Amara’s tiara. “Furball Blooper” – When Buddy gets a new super suit, he has to learn to use its new powers.
Air Date: 07/28/2023

119. Lost Spark / Bitsy Bellyache

“Lost Spark” – After Sparks falls off his SuperKitty Kit, the SuperKitties help him get the courage to ride it again. “Bitsy Bellyache” –Bitsy eats too many treats and can’t help the team stop Lab Rat.
Air Date: 07/14/2023

118. Voice With No Choice / Brother Battle

"Voice With No Choice" – The SuperKitties stop Zsa-Zsa from turning animals' voices into musical instruments. "Brother Battle" – Sparks and Buddy accidentally hurt each other's feelings.
Air Date: 06/23/2023

117. Sparks vs. Sparks / Poochy Playdate

"Sparks vs. Sparks" – When animals accuse Sparks of stealing, the SuperKitties must find the real thief. "Poochy Playdate" – A jealous Mr. Puppypaws traps all the other dogs to keep them away from the park.
Air Date: 06/09/2023

116. Cat Tree Caper / Showstopper

"Cat Tree Caper" – The SuperKitties have to stop Cat Burglar from swiping all the cat trees from the cats of Kittydale. "Showstopper" – Mr. Puppypaws tries to make the Singing Squirrels give him a private concert.
Air Date: 06/02/2023

114. Hole Lot of Trouble / Roboctopus

"Hole Lot of Trouble" – The SuperKitties must keep Mr. Puppypaws from digging up the animals' Fun Run. "Roboctopus" – Bitsy feels replaced after Sparks makes the SuperKitty Kit super fast to stop the Roboctopus.
Air Date: 04/28/2023

113. Lab Rat Lift-Off / Rockin' Rockhound

"Lab Rat Lift-Off" – Lab Rat tries to stop Ginny's hero, Polaris the Astro-Cat, from being the first cat on the moon. "Rockin' Rockhound" – The SuperKitties must catch Zsa-Zsa when she steals a special gem from the museum. *Maxwell Simkins ("The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers") guest stars as Rockland the Rockhound.
Air Date: 03/17/2023

111. Burble Bungle / Sticky Situation

"Burble Bungle" – Lab Rat controls the Burble toys to steal all the cheese in Kittydale. "Sticky Situation" – The SuperKitties stop Mr. Puppypaws from turning all the wood in the park into fetching sticks.
Air Date: 03/10/2023

110. Toy-Tastrophe / Night Light

"Toy-Tastrophe" – The SuperKitties stop Mr. Puppypaws from stealing dog toys. "Night Light" – When Lab Rat turns off all the lights in Kittydale, Bitsy must face her fear of the dark to help her team.
Air Date: 03/03/2023

106. Treat Truck Trouble / Leapin' Laser

"Treat Truck Trouble" – The SuperKitties have to stop Mr. Puppypaws from turning all the animal treats into only doggy treats. "Leapin' Laser" – Buddy accidentally breaks Sparks' SuperKitty Kit and doesn't tell him.
Air Date: 02/24/2023

107. Missing Mr. Greenie / Piano Problem

"Missing Mr. Greenie" – Mr. Puppypaws steals Bitsy's favorite toy, Mr. Greenie. "Piano Problem" – The SuperKitties must return a grand piano to Petcini after Cat Burglar steals it.
Air Date: 02/17/2023

105. Have a Ball / Zsa-Zsa Zoom

"Have a Ball" – When Ginny gets a boo-boo, Sparks, Buddy and Bitsy have to learn to work as a team without her. "Zsa-Zsa Zoom" – The SuperKitties help Peanut get Nadia's stolen toy car back from Zsa-Zsa.
Air Date: 02/10/2023

112. Blueberry Bonanza / Snow Day

"Blueberry Bonanza" – Zsa-Zsa steals all the blueberries from the blueberry festival. "Snow Day" – It's Bitsy's first snow day, and the team must stop Lab Rat from zapping away all the snow.
Air Date: 02/03/2023

108. Groggy Groundhogs / Go Birdy

"Groggy Groundhogs" – The SuperKitties stop Lab Rat after she kicks all the groundhogs out of their special space. "Go Birdy" – On Kittydale Day, Zsa-Zsa uses a spray to make everyone in Kittydale act like birds.
Air Date: 01/27/2023

104. Super-Fan / Bubble Bother

"Super-Fan" – SuperKitty super-fan, Pickles, helps the team save the day. "Bubble Bother" – The SuperKitties stop Zsa-Zsa from turning the Kittydale water tower into her own giant bubble bath.
Air Date: 01/20/2023

103. Silent Surprise / Fufu Snafu

"Silent Surprise" – Zsa-Zsa takes away the Singing Squirrels' voices before their big concert. "Fufu Snafu" – The SuperKitties have to stop Cat Burglar after he takes a gold statue from the Kittydale Museum. *Justin Guarini ("American Idol") recurs as Cat Burglar.
Air Date: 01/13/2023

102. Fireworks Fright / Cheese Trees

"Fireworks Fright" – Mr. Puppypaws steals all of Kittydale's fireworks. *Tony Award® winner James Monroe Iglehart (Broadway's "Aladdin") guest stars as Mr. Puppypaws. "Cheese Trees" – The SuperKitties have to stop Lab Rat from turning Kittydale into cheese.
Air Date: 01/12/2023

101. The Great Yarn Caper / Get the Boot

"The Great Yarn Caper" – The SuperKitties must figure out why someone is stealing all the yarn in Kittydale. *Justin Guarini ("American Idol") guest stars as Cat Burglar. "Get the Boot" – Lab Rat invents a giant boot to smush all the flowers at the Kittydale Flower Festival.
Air Date: 01/11/2023