Monsters at Work

Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning feature film “Monsters, Inc.,” “Monsters at Work” follows Tylor Tuskmon, an ambitious yet clumsy monster who is set to begin his dream job as a Scarer when the news hits that Monsters, Inc., is now harvesting children’s laughter instead of screams to fuel the city of Monstropolis. Tylor accepts an entry-level job with the facilities team in hopes of someday making his way up to the factory Laugh Floor to become a Jokester alongside his idols Mike and Sulley.

In season two, Tylor Tuskmon’s journey as a Jokester and his friendship with Val face the ultimate test. When new doors of opportunity unexpectedly open at the rival energy company FearCo, Tylor’s co-workers at Monsters, Inc., begin to question his loyalty. As his Laugh Floor partnership with Val is pushed to the brink, Tylor must discover where he really belongs.

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