Mickey Mouse


Season 03

503. Surprise!

Mickey’s wish for a surprise-free birthday ends up becoming the biggest surprise of his life.
Air Date: 11/18/2018

414. Carnaval

Mickey races to save Minnie after her feathered costume takes flight during Rio’s Carnaval.
Air Date: 02/03/2018

123. The Birthday Song

Minnie Mouse loses the notes to Mickey’s birthday song and needs to recover them to save the festivities.
Air Date: 11/18/2017

320. The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular

Mickey is challenged by his nephews to tell a scary story on Halloween night.
Air Date: 10/08/2017

319. Duck the Halls

It's touch and go for Donald when, instead of heading south for the winter with Daisy and all the other ducks for the winter, he insists on staying with Mickey and the gang to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.
Air Date: 12/09/2016

308. Wonders of the Deep

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy must save Professor Von Drake after accidentally jettisoning him out of a submarine.
Air Date: 11/26/2015

302. Feliz Cumpleaños

A group of rogue piñatas threaten to ruin Mickey's birthday fiesta.
Air Date: 11/18/2015

306. Shifting Gears

Mickey wants to go surfing, but must try a variety of tactics to get his car to take him there when it refuses.
Air Date: 09/18/2015

305. Movie Time

Mickey’s obsession to make movie night happen finds him caught in the middle of a huge rainstorm.
Air Date: 09/11/2015

301. Coned

Mickey and Pluto's day becomes a series of mishaps when Mickey, sympathizing with his injured pup Pluto, decides to 'cone' himself.
Air Date: 07/17/2015

Season 02

220. Black and White

Mickey attempts to save face in front of Minnie after he's scared as white as a ghost.
Air Date: 10/02/2015