Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends


Season 03

10. Tiny Car Caper / Toothy Fairy Tricks

“Tiny Car Caper” – Zola shrinks the city’s cars…and Detective Stacy! “Toothy Fairy Tricks” – Rhino mistakes Wasp for the Tooth Fairy.
Air Date: 03/15/2024

Season 02

226. Hide & Seek / Whale of a Time

“Hide & Seek” – Team Spidey and The Thing must stop Gobby from using invisibility to cause trouble in the city. “Whale of a Time” – Team Spidey must stop Doc Ock’s mechanical whale from disrupting the real whales.

Air Date: 08/25/2023

225. Stolen WEB-Quarters/Spideys in Space!

“Stolen WEB-Quarters” – When Zola takes over WEB-Quarters, Team Spidey must decide whether to destroy it to save the city. “Spideys in Space!” – Team-Spidey goes to the moon in their new Web-Spinner suits.
Air Date: 08/18/2023

2224. Dino-Rama / Daytime at Night

“Dino-Rama” – The heroes stop Gobby and Rhino from wreaking havoc, but Reptil’s jewel turns them into dinosaurs. “Daytime at Night” – Team Spidey must stop Electro from disturbing nocturnal animals in the forest.

Air Date: 08/11/2023

223. Catnap Caper / Bunny Bonanza

“Catnap Caper” – Team Spidey must stop Black Cat from stealing stuffed animals. “Bunny Bonanza” – The Spidey Team works together to rescue Hulk’s pet, Buns Buns, after Doc Ock multiplies her.
Air Date: 07/07/2023

222. Super Scooter / The Lost Web Shooter

"Super Scooter" – When the villains team up to take out the heroes and their super-powered vehicles, it's up to Ghost-Spider and Ms. Marvel to save the day. "The Lost Web Shooter" – When Spidey loses one of his web-shooters, two kids get the dream of a lifetime to help him recover it from Doc Ock.
Air Date: 06/09/2023

218. The New Villain in Town / Spidey Cat

"The New Villain in Town" – After Doc Ock hurts CAL's feelings, Team Spidey steps in to help. "Spidey Cat" – Gobby steals Miles and Spidey's powers and accidentally puts them in Bootsie.
Air Date: 04/28/2023

217. The Maltese Kitten / A Day With Black Panther

"The Maltese Kitten" – Team Spidey and Black Cat join forces to stop Doc Ock from destroying the precious Maltese Kitten. "A Day With Black Panther" – Miles and Black Panther's special day is nearly spoiled by Electro.
Air Date: 04/14/2023

219. Tunnel Trouble / Mystery on Goblin Island

"Tunnel Trouble" – When Electro steals the subway's electricity, Team Spidey must use their knowledge to stop her. "Mystery on Goblin Island" – Team Spidey must rescue Mr. Von Carnegie from Gobby and Rhino, who seek treasure.
Air Date: 03/24/2023

216. Spin Saves the Day / Water Woes

"Spin Saves the Day" – When Miles accidentally puts his own arm to sleep with his arachno-sting, he must find a new way to help the team. "Water Woes" – Someone has stolen all the water from the city.
Air Date: 03/17/2023

214. Pirate Plunder Blunder / Bad Bot

"Pirate Plunder Blunder" – Team Spidey must save Aunt May when Green Goblin's device makes people think they're pirates. "Bad Bot" – Doc Ock creates a bad bot version of TRACE-E to trick Team Spidey.
Air Date: 02/24/2023

213. Clean Power / Doc Ock & The Rocktobots

"Clean Power" – Electro and her electric gauntlet have drained the power from the city's new wind turbine. "Doc Ock & The Rocktobots" – Team Spidey runs up against villains who are trying to stop them from performing at a concert.
Air Date: 02/10/2023

212. Spidey Tidies Up / Oh No, Tomatoes!

"Spidey Tidies Up" – Spidey and Iron Man must fix their new invention before Sandman turns Central Park into Sandman Park. *John Stamos ("Big Shot") returns as Iron Man. "Oh No, Tomatoes!" – Miles must stop Rhino from stealing the tomatoes his mom grew for the community dinner.
Air Date: 01/27/2023

211. Liberty on the Loose / Green Goblin's Dino Disaster

"Liberty on the Loose" – It's up to Miles, Ant-Man and Wasp to save the Statue of Liberty after Black Cat steals it. *Sean Giambrone ("The Goldbergs") and Maya Tuttle ("Marvel Future Revolution" video game) recur as Ant-Man and Wasp, respectively. "Green Goblin's Dino Disaster" – Spidey and Reptil team up to stop Green Goblin's improved Dino Mech.
Air Date: 01/06/2023

210. Follow That Sea Monster! / It's Bad to be Gooed

"Follow that Sea Monster!" – The Spidey Team and Reptil investigate rumors of a sea monster. "It's Bad to be Gooed" – Team Spidey finds out that Green Goblin converted the dam to pump out polluting goo.
Air Date: 12/16/2022

209. An Egg-cellent Adventure / The Hangout Headache

"An Egg-cellent Adventure" – When Black Cat steals a sparkly egg from the zoo, Team Spidey must save it before it hatches. "The Hangout Headache" – When Spidey offers to let Hulk hang out in WEB-Quarters, it quickly turns into a disaster.
Air Date: 12/09/2022

208. Halted Holiday / Merry Spidey Christmas

"Halted Holiday" – When all roads to the city are blocked on Thanksgiving, Team Spidey works together to clear up the traffic. *Scott Porter ("Friday Night Lights") guest stars as Gwen's dad, George Stacy. "Merry Spidey Christmas" – Team Spidey uses their Glow Webs to save Christmas after baddies try to ruin it for everyone.
Air Date: 11/11/2022

205. Li'l Hulk / Surprise Party Surprise

"Li'l Hulk" – Team Spidey has its hands full when Gobby's device turns Hulk into a baby. "Surprise Party Surprise" – Spidey and Miles plan a birthday surprise for Ghost-Spider, but an endless stream of villains gets in the way.
Air Date: 09/29/2022

204. Sonic Boom Boom / Mini Golf Goof

"Sonic Boom Boom" – Team Spidey heads underwater to stop Doc Ock from disrupting sea life. *Bindi Irwin ("Crikey! It's the Irwins") guest stars as oceanographer Isla Coralton. "Mini Golf Goof" – Ghost-Spider teams up with Ant-Man and Wasp to stop Green Goblin from ruining the mini golf course. *Sean Giambrone ("The Goldbergs") recurs as Ant-Man.
Air Date: 09/16/2022

203. Bootsie's Day Out / Trouble at Tony's

"Bootsie's Day Out" – Team Spidey searches for Bootsie after she gets captured by Black Cat. "Trouble at Tony's" – The Spidey Team must protect Iron Man's headquarters from Electro. *John Stamos ("Big Shot") recurs as Iron Man.
Air Date: 09/02/2022

202. Lights Out / Sandman Won't Share!

"Lights Out" – Team Spidey must stop Electro and Green Goblin's attempt to keep the citizens of New York City awake all night with a super-charged lighthouse. "Sandman Won't Share" – Team Spidey's beach day gets interrupted by Sandman's need to prove he's the best at building sandcastles.
Air Date: 08/26/2022

201. Electro's Gotta Glow / Black Cat Chaos

"Electro's Gotta Glow" – Team Spidey must use their new glow tech to stop Electro from draining all the power in the city. "Black Cat Chaos" – Spidey and Iron Man work together to stop Black Cat from making a mess of things when she steals Iron Man's Armor. *John Stamos (Disney+'s "Big Shot") guest stars as Iron Man.
Air Date: 08/19/2022

Season 01

125. Parade Panic / The Case of the Burgling Book Bandit

"Parade Panic" – Team Spidey is honored with their own parade, but the villains band together to ruin everything. "The Case of the Burgling Book Bandit" – When all the detective books in the library go missing, Team Spidey is on the case!
Air Date: 07/08/2022

114. Catch and Release / Construction Destruction

"Catch and Release" – Miles' Father's Day fishing trip is interrupted by Doc Ock's plan to take over the harbor. "Construction Destruction" – Spidey, Hulk and Ms. Marvel get in over their heads when a squirrel wreaks havoc.
Air Date: 06/17/2022

118. Art Attack! / Puppy Pandemonium

“Art Attack!” – Green Goblin goes on a spree at the museum and repaints masterpieces in his own image. “Puppy Pandemonium” – Spidey and Ghosty juggle the responsibility of taking care of a cute puppy while also trying to stop Rhino’s rampage at the mall.
Air Date: 01/28/2022

117. Spin Rushes In / Bridge Bandit

“Spin Rushes In” – When Doc Ock steals the arachno-sting power, Team Spidey must work to get it back before it puts the town to sleep. “Bridge Bandit” – Green Goblin and Rhino take over a bridge and threaten to destroy it.
Air Date: 01/07/2022

116. Web Beard's Treasure / Washed Away

“Web Beard’s Treasure” – When Team Spidey foils Doc Ock in her attempt to steal a treasure map, she tricks them into getting the treasure for her. “Washed Away” – Spidey and Ms. Marvel work together to rescue Trace-E from a drain that she fell down.
Air Date: 12/10/2021

115. Going Green / Coming Clean

“Going Green” – Team Spidey must stop Green Goblin from spewing his green gas all over the park in order to make it safe for the trees again. “Coming Clean” – After Peter’s new invention begins swallowing everything in its path, he and Miles work to stop it.
Air Date: 12/03/2021

113. A Very Spidey Christmas / Gobby on Ice

“A Very Spidey Christmas” – When Doc Ock becomes determined to steal everyone’s Christmas presents, it threatens to put a damper on an important holiday event. “Gobby on Ice” – The Spidey team puts their fun on hold when Green Goblin creates a giant snow monster.
Air Date: 11/29/2021

111. Gob-zilla/Speedy Spidey Delivery

“Gob-zilla” – Team Spidey takes on a rampaging dinosaur only to discover Green Goblin at the controls. “Speedy Spidey Delivery” – Spidey is in charge of delivering the cake to Hulk’s birthday bash, but when some sinister Super Villains get in the way, Spidey realizes cake-duty might not be a one-hero job.
Air Date: 10/08/2021

105. Rocket Rhino!/Trick or TRACE-E

“Rocket Rhino!” – A new super-powered Spidey jetpack ends up in Rhino’s hands. “Trick or TRACE-E” – Team Spidey must stop Green Goblin’s tricks at the Halloween Parade.
Air Date: 10/01/2021

109. Camping Conundrum / The Great Green Crime Spree

"Camping Conundrum" – The Spidey Team goes camping with Miles' dad, only to find that the Old Dam is cracking and threatening to flood the park. "The Great Green Crime Spree" – When Green Goblin pins a crime spree on Hulk, Spidey and Ghost Spider must prove his innocence.
Air Date: 09/10/2021

104. Mother's Day Mayhem / Not-So-Fun House

"Mother's Day Mayhem" – Doc Ock's escape from jail interrupts the Spidey Team's Mother's Day picnic. "Not-So-Fun House" – Miles must make big decisions to save his mom from Green Goblin's not-so-fun-funhouse.
Air Date: 09/03/2021

108. Pecking Prankster Pigeons / Green Thumb

"Pecking Prankster Pigeons" – Green Goblin uses a remote to control the city's pigeons so they will steal for him. "Green Thumb" – Green Goblin invents a weather machine to wreak havoc on the city.
Air Date: 08/27/2021

106. Bug in the System / Test Your Super Strength

"Bug in the System" – Doc Ock sends her favorite octo-bot to infiltrate WEB-Quarters with a new invention that can steal everything Spidey's ever invented. "Test Your Super Strength" – Spidey reminds Hulk to use self-control after Rhino challenges him to a strength contest.
Air Date: 08/20/2021

103. Doc Ock's Super Octopus / Attack of the Green Giggles

"Doc Ock's Super Octopus" – When Doc Ock's growth serum is used on a baby octopus, the Spidey team must stop it from rampaging into the city. "Attack of the Green Giggles" – When Green Goblin blasts goblin gas all over the city, Spidey and Ms. Marvel work together to ensure that he doesn't have the last laugh.
Air Date: 08/13/2021

101. Spidey to the Power of Three / Panther Patience

“Spidey to the Power of Three” – When Miles and Gwen each think their skill set is the best to track down Rhino, Peter reminds them that teamwork is the best way to save the day. “Panther Patience” – After Doc Ock steals a chunk of vibranium from a Wakandan museum exhibit to power her suit, Spidey and Black Panther must work together to get it back.
Air Date: 08/06/2021

102. Superhero Hiccups / Lost and Found

"Superhero Hiccups" – Miles gets discouraged when his hiccups keep the team from stopping Green Goblin. "Lost and Found" – Peter is in over his head when he needs to put an end to Rhino's stomping rampage, retrieve his lost backpack and make it back to Aunt May in time for movie night.
Air Date: 08/06/2021