Season 01

118. Weird Delivery / No Dad Ideas

“Weird Delivery” – Kiff and Barry want to go home but get sucked into a strange adventure. “No Dad Ideas” – When he realizes Kiff doesn’t know what his job is, Martin is determined to prove his inventing prowess.
Air Date: 07/01/2023

117. Everyday I'm Riddlin" Riddlin' / Life On The Inside

"Everyday I'm Riddlin" Riddlin'" – Kiff and Barry help a local bridge troll but discover he has some tricky riddles. *Rhys Darby ("Our Flag Means Death") guest stars as Trollie, a troll living under a bridge. "Life On The Inside" – Kiff and Barry get detention and meet a ragtag team of students who help them plot an escape.
Air Date: 06/24/2023

119. Faculty Lounge / Personal Assistant

“Faculty Lounge” – Kiff is determined to see the inside of the Faculty Lounge, but once inside struggles to escape. “Personal Assistant” – Kiff tries to fail at being Helen’s personal assistant so she can retake her career test.
Air Date: 06/19/2023

116. Fresh Outta Grandmas / Maybe-sitting

"Fresh Outta Grandmas" – Tensions rise when the crew gets wrapped up in a new collection craze. "Maybe-sitting" – When Kiff shadows Harry and Terri as they watch Kristophe, she learns that being in charge is not so easy.
Air Date: 06/17/2023

112. Two Truths and a Barry / Nicknames

"Two Truths and a Barry" – Kiff's plan to infiltrate a group sleepover and learn its secrets all depends on Barry's ability to lie. "Nicknames" – Kiff and Barry try to get nicknamed by a local movie theater ticket taker. *Danny Pudi ("Community") guest stars as the movie theater ticket taker, Nick Namè.
Air Date: 04/29/2023

110. Principal Dance Socks

Helen knits a pair of magical socks for Principal Secretary so he can beat a rival school's principal in a dance battle, but this newfound talent quickly goes to his head.
Air Date: 04/23/2023

111. Hat / Lost and Found

"Hat" – Kiff loses a hat that gives Barry a confidence boost and attempts to recover it. "Lost and Found" – Kiff and Barry try to return a lost journal without exposing its deeply personal entries.
Air Date: 04/15/2023

109. Friendiversary / Totally Table Town

"Friendiversary" – Kiff and Barry are "identical tentacles" in everything. However, an extra gift may tip the scales. *Biff Wiff ("Everything Everywhere All at Once") recurs as Drifter. "Totally Table Town" – Kiff and the gang get lost in the woods during a terrifying encounter.
Air Date: 04/08/2023

107. Farley / Two for One Hot Dogs

"Farley" – When Kiff ruins Kristophe's favorite toy, she takes its place while Barry tries to clean the doll. *Kate Flannery ("The Office") guest stars as Helen's sister, Agnes. "Two for One Hot Dogs" – Kiff and Barry spiral when they learn their best days are behind them.
Air Date: 04/01/2023

108. Halfway There Day / Be Still My Harp

"Halfway There Day" – Kiff is in charge of the important holiday meal, and nothing can go wrong. *Ólafur Darri Ólafsson ("Severance") guest stars as the patron of Halfway There Day, Centaur Claus. "Be Still My Harp" – Barry gets stuck in a harp that causes anyone who hears it to get trapped in their memories.
Air Date: 04/01/2023

105. Big Barry on Campus / Club Book

“Big Barry on Campus” – A computer error moves Barry into high school, forcing Kiff to follow. “Club Book” – Kiff thinks the library should be loud, but it quickly backfires.
Air Date: 03/25/2023
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106. Kiff's Mix / Kiff's on a Plane

“Kiff’s Mix” – After Kiff spontaneously creates the perfect mixture of cereals, she, Barry and Trevor attempt to recreate it. “Kiff’s on a Plane” – Kiff joins pilot school to appear grown up to Beryl and her friends.
Air Date: 03/25/2023
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103. Brunch DJ / Career Day

“Brunch DJ” – Kiff and Barry investigate where Barry’s brother goes when he skips class. “Career Day” – Kiff and Barry get summer jobs at the city hall to help the citizens of Table Town in any way they can.
Air Date: 03/18/2023
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104. The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse / Leave a Little Juice

“The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse” – Kiff unleashes five forces of chaos, and Helen is the only one who can help. “Leave a Little Juice” – Kiff needs to have a difficult discussion with Barry about finishing Martin’s OJ.
Air Date: 03/18/2023
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101. Thirst to be the First / The Fourth Bath

“Thirst to be the First” – Kiff wants the first sip at a new water fountain, and nothing will stop her! “The Fourth Bath” – Kiff learns that at Barry’s house, his family shares bathwater and Kiff is fourth in line. *Rachel House (“Thor: Ragnarok”) guest stars as Barry’s mom, Mary Buns.
Air Date: 03/10/2023
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102. Pool Party / Road Trip

Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel and Disney XD Kiff “Pool Party/Road Trip” (1-02) (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST on Disney Channel and Disney XD) “Pool Party” – Helen agrees to cast a swim spell on Barry if Kiff introduces her to Candle’s dad, Roy Fox. “Road Trip” – A road trip goes awry when scary-looking bikers pursue the Chatterleys and Barry. TV-Y7
Air Date: 03/10/2023
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