Season 01

120. Jingle Bog Rock / Zip To It

"Jingle Bog Rock" – Eureka invites Bog to perform with her band at Winterfest when she invents a new instrument that only he is able to play. "Zip To It" – Eureka builds a zipline to take her back and forth to two activities that fall on the same day.
Air Date: 11/30/2022

116. Rocky Falls Picture Show / The Swamp of Lost Toys

"Rocky Falls Picture Show" – Barry attempts to paint Kanga-Bird's portrait for the Cave Library's "Hall of Creatures," but he won't sit still. *Ellie Kemper ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt") guest stars as the school librarian, Chee. "The Swamp of Lost Toys" – Eureka accidentally loses her pencil in the Sticky Spiky Swamp.
Air Date: 09/29/2022

112. Eurek-Or-Treat / Nomad Like Home

"Eurek-Or-Treat" – Eureka's life-like spikosaurus costume gets stolen by a real spikosaurus. "Nomad Like Home" – Eureka loves spending time with her nomad grandma, so she invents something to try to get her to stay. *Loretta Devine ("Doc McStuffins") guest stars as Eureka's grandma, Wanda.
Air Date: 09/27/2022

115. Dippling Rivalry / It's Mom O'Clock

"Dippling Rivalry" – Eureka takes care of Dipply while Pepper's away, and Murphy finds it hard to share her attention. "It's Mom O'Clock" – Eureka creates a jam-making machine for berry season.
Air Date: 09/16/2022

114. Dance Dance Evolution / Barry On

"Dance Dance Evolution" – The Rocky Falls kids learn a new dance for school, and everyone can master the routine except for Pepper! *Misty Copeland and Ryan Michelle Bathé guest star as Rockanne and Sierra, respectively. "Barry On" – Barry wants to be like his dad, the town's "fix-it man."
Air Date: 08/26/2022

109. Project Bog / Really Giant Slalom

"Project Bog" – Eureka and Bog get paired up for a class project. "Really Giant Slalom" – When Murphy feels left out during a ski day, Eureka figures out a way everyone gets to take part in the fun.
Air Date: 08/12/2022

110. The Great Wafflefruit Race / Camped Out

"The Great Wafflefruit Race" – Eureka and her classmates compete to scale a tree to taste the rare wafflefruit on top. *Judah Howery ("Uncle Drew") guest stars as twins Spruce and Cypress Stoneland "Camped Out" – Everyone except Eureka gets homesick on their first overnight camping trip.
Air Date: 08/05/2022

108. What a Wheel! / Just Like Yurt

"What a Wheel!" – Eureka is determined to turn her new invention into "a swing that pushes itself." "Just Like Yurt" – Barry's drumming idol, Yurt, comes to town, and he is determined to impress her. *World-famous drummer Sheila E. guest stars as Yurt.
Air Date: 07/29/2022

107. Light at the End of the Cave / Kanga-Bird is the Word

"Light at the End of the Cave" – When the friends explore a cave, the usually fearless Pepper admits she's scared of the dark. "Kanga-Bird is the Word" – Eureka's friend KB can't decide if he should jump with kangadons or fly with birds. *Jack McBrayer ("30 Rock") guest stars as KB.
Air Date: 07/22/2022

106. Snurfy Murphy / New Rock on the Block

"Snurfy Murphy" – It's warm in Rocky Falls, which causes Murphy to "snurf," a hiccup-like habit unique to mammoths. *Ellie Kemper ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt") guest stars as cave librarian Chee. "New Rock on the Block" – Eureka volunteers to move a mysterious meteorite out of the town before sunset.
Air Date: 07/15/2022

105. Epic Fail / Yes We Canyon!

"Epic Fail" – Eureka tries to rid her father's shop of some pesky pteros birds. "Yes We Canyon!" – When Eureka's friends try to claim a beautiful canyon, she helps by dividing it equally between them.
Air Date: 07/08/2022

104. Pepper Power / Flickerwing Butterflies

"Pepper Power" – Pepper's boundless strength threatens to ruin Eureka's invention. "Flickerwing Butterflies" – Eureka and Roxy take a mother-daughter road trip to see the hatching of the flickerwing butterflies.
Air Date: 07/01/2022

103. Follow the Sledder / Stinkpod Day

"Follow the Sledder" – Eureka invents a vehicle to help her friends get to school faster. "Stinkpod Day" – Eureka is determined to find a use for stinkpods.
Air Date: 06/24/2022

102. Everybody Lava Pizza / Prehistoric Class Pets

“Everybody Lava Pizza” – Eureka accidentally unleashes a steam geyser at her mom’s restaurant, which leads to the invention of pizza. *Cree Summer (“Vampirina”) and Kevin Michael Richardson (“Family Guy”) guest star as Verna and Dima, respectively. “Prehistoric Class Pets” – Pepper’s pet Dipply follows her to school one day, inspiring other pets to do the same.
Air Date: 06/23/2022
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101. Tusks, Trouble and All / Absoflutely Fabulous

“Tusks, Trouble and All” – Eureka and her friends, Pepper and Barry, free a woolly mammoth. “Absoflutely Fabulous” – Eureka tries to befriend a flute player in her class by inventing a new flute.
Air Date: 06/22/2022
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