Season 03

318. The Hardest Thing

Anne's journey comes to an end.
Air Date: 05/14/2022
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317. All In

Anne and her friends fight for their lives as the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance.
Air Date: 05/07/2022
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316. The Three Armies / The Beginning of the End

"The Three Armies" – Anne and Sasha must convince the frogs, newts and toads to work together. *Whoopi Goldberg returns as the voice of Mother Olm. "The Beginning of the End" – The final battle begins.
Air Date: 04/30/2022
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315. Newts in Tights / Fight or Flight

"Newts in Tights" – While on a recon mission, Anne and Sprig confront an old mentor. *Archie Yates ("Jojo Rabbit") guest stars as Joio Potato. "Fight or Flight" – Anne tries to rescue an old friend from one of King Andrias' robot camps.
Air Date: 04/23/2022
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314. The Root of Evil / The Core & the King

"The Root of Evil" – Anne and the Plantars get stuck in a strange village of plant lovers. "The Core & the King" – King Andrias confronts the demons of his past. *Jason Ritter ("Raising Dion") guest stars as Barrel.
Air Date: 04/16/2022
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313. Mother of Olms / Grime's Pupil

"Mother of Olms" – Anne and the crew meet with Mother Olm, the keeper of ancient prophecies. *Whoopi Goldberg guest stars as Mother Olm. "Grime's Pupil" – Due to dire circumstances, Grime is forced to train an apprentice. *Aisling Bea ("This Way Up") returns as the voice of Captain Beatrix.
Air Date: 04/09/2022
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312. Sasha's Angels / Olm Town Road

"Sasha's Angels" – A team of Resistance fighters gets captured by ruthless marauders. "Olm Town Road" – Anne and her friends search for the ancient city of Proteus.
Air Date: 04/02/2022
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311. Commander Anne/Sprivy

“Commander Anne” – Anne is made leader of the Wartwood Resistance, even though she’s not good at the job. “Sprivy” – Sprig and Ivy devise a scheme to be together.
Air Date: 03/26/2022
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310. Escape to Amphibia

With one shot at getting the Plantars back to Amphibia, Anne and her parents must go up against Mr. X and the FBI.
Air Date: 03/19/2022
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309. Froggy Little Christmas

Anne attempts to surprise her mom with a Thai Go float for the city Christmas parade while the Plantars struggle to understand the holiday. Meanwhile, King Andrias prepares a deadly surprise.
Air Date: 11/27/2021

307. Spider-Sprig / Olivia & Yunan

"Spider-Sprig" – Determined to make his mark on Earth, Sprig becomes a superhero. "Olivia & Yunan" – Back in Amphibia, Olivia and Yunan try to rescue Marcy.
Air Date: 11/13/2021

306. Mr. X / Sprig's Birthday

"Mr. X" – Anne takes the Plantars to the movies, while the Boonchuys try to stop a government agent from finding them. *RuPaul Charles ("RuPaul's Drag Race") guest stars as Mr. X, a government agent. Brian Sounalath ("Ryan's Mystery Playdate") and On Braly return as Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy, respectively. "Sprig's Birthday" – Anne tries to give Sprig a great Earth birthday.
Air Date: 11/06/2021

305. Fixing Frobo / Anne-sterminator

“Fixing Frobo” – Polly tries to bring Frobo back to life. “Anne-sterminator” – A dangerous enemy finally locates Anne and the Plantars. TV-Y7
Air Date: 10/30/2021

304. Fight at the Museum / Temple Frogs

“Fight at the Museum” – Anne and the Plantars try to rob a museum. *Anika Noni Rose (“The Princess and the Frog”) guest stars as Dr. Jan. “Temple Frogs” – The Boonchuys take the Plantars to the Thai Temple. *Brian Sounalath (“Ryan’s Mystery Playdate”) and On Braly return as Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy.
Air Date: 10/23/2021

303. Thai Feud / Adventures in Catsitting

“Thai Feud” – Sprig tries to get rid of a food truck that’s threatening the family business. “Adventures in Catsitting” – The Plantars volunteer to take Domino to the vet.
Air Date: 10/16/2021

302. Hop 'Til You Drop / Turning Point

"Hop 'Til You Drop" – Anne brings the Plantars to the mall for a crash course in Earth survival. "Turning Point" – Sasha and Grime escape from Andrias and hide out in Wartwood. *Anna Akana ("Youth and Consequences") returns as Sasha.
Air Date: 10/09/2021

301. The New Normal

Anne and the Plantars get transported to Earth and try to adjust to a wild new environment. *Brian Sounalath ("Ryan's Mystery Playdate") and On Braly guest star as Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy, respectively.
Air Date: 10/02/2021

307. Hollywood Hop Pop / If You Give a Frog a Cookie

"Hollywood Hop Pop" – Hop Pop tries to make it as an actor in Hollywood. "If You Give a Frog a Cookie" – Anne trusts a questionable scientist who may have found a way to get them to Amphibia. *Kate Micucci (Disney's "DuckTales") and Cree Summer (Disney Junior's "Puppy Dog Pals") guest star as Terri and Dr. Frakes, respectively.

Season 2

220. True Colors

The family travels to Newtopia to say their goodbyes and finally send all three girls home. However, someone has other plans.
Air Date: 05/22/2021

218. The Dinner / Battle of the Bands

“The Dinner” – Anne and the Plantars invite some old adversaries over for dinner. “Battle of the Bands” – Anne and her friends enter the Wartwood Battle of the Bands contest.
Air Date: 04/24/2021

217. Bessie & MicroAngelo / The Third Temple

“Bessie & MicroAngelo” – Bessie is tasked with showing MicroAngelo, the farm’s new snail, the ropes. “The Third Temple” – Anne and Marcy need help from an old friend to find the final key to returning home.
Air Date: 04/17/2021

216. The Second Temple / Barrel's Warhammer

“The Second Temple” – Anne and Marcy’s quest to get home takes them to an icy mountain temple. “Barrel’s Warhammer” – Sasha and Grime embark on a quest to retrieve a legendary war hammer.
Air Date: 04/10/2021

215. Toad To Redemption / Maddie & Marcy

“Toad To Redemption” – Mayor Toadstool is offered a dream job but realizes he doesn’t want to leave Wartwood. “Maddie & Marcy” – Maddie is working on an important spell, but her three sisters keep getting in the way.
Air Date: 04/03/2021

214. The First Temple

Marcy, Anne and the Plantars travel to an ancient temple that could hold the key to getting Anne and Marcy home, but only if they can survive the temple's deadly challenges. *Haley Tju ("Big Hero 6: The Series") returns as Marcy.
Air Date: 03/20/2021

213. Ivy on the Run / After the Rain

"Ivy on the Run" – Fed up with her mother's strict rules, Ivy devises a plan to run away. "After the Rain" – Anne asks Hop Pop to retrieve the music box, bringing some long-buried secrets to light.
Air Date: 03/13/2021

211. Night Drivers / Return to Wartwood

"Night Drivers" – Ignoring Anne's and Hop Pop's warnings about the dangers of night driving, Sprig and Polly stay up all night to drive the family home. "Return to Wartwood" –After realizing they forgot to get anyone a gift from Newtopia, the Plantar's come up with a risky plan to keep the town from finding out.
Air Date: 03/06/2021

212. The Shut-In!

In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. *George Takei ("Star Trek: The Original Series") guest stars as Mr. Littlepot.
Air Date: 10/17/2020
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210. The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers / A Day at the Aquarium

"The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers" – Anne and Marcy issue a Scare Dare Challenge that brings Sprig and Polly into forbidden areas of the castle. "A Day at the Aquarium" – Anne and the Plantars look to spend what could be their last day together at the Newtopia Aquarium.
Air Date: 09/19/2020

209. Little Frogtown / Hopping Mall

"Little Frogtown" – Hop Pop investigates the disappearance of an old friend and the shadowy crime syndicate he suspects are behind it. "Hopping Mall" – Hop Pop takes the kids to a Newtopian shopping mall to buy souvenirs, and Anne will do anything to get the perfect gift for her mom back home. *Misty Lee ("Lego City Adventures") and Romi Dames ("Winx Club") guest star as Priscilla the Killa and Pearl, respectively.
Air Date: 09/12/2020

208. Lost in Newtopia / Sprig Gets Schooled

"Lost in Newtopia" – Anne and Polly vow to experience the city like locals but end up on a wild ride through the streets of Newtopia. "Sprig Gets Schooled" – Sprig is offered a spot at Newtopia University.
Air Date: 08/29/2020
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207. Scavenger Hunt / The Plantars Check In

"Scavenger Hunt" – Anne, Sprig and Marcy receive a mysterious message from the king of Newtopia that sends them on a puzzle-solving mission. *Nicole Byer ("Loosely Exactly Nicole") guest stars as Gertie. Haley Tju ("Bella and the Bulldogs") returns as Marcy. "The Plantars Check In" – Anne finally meets with King Andrias and tries to enlist his help in getting back home. *Kristen Schaal ("Disney's "Gravity Falls") guest stars as Bella the Bellhop. Keith David ("The Princess and the Frog") returns as King Andrias.
Air Date: 08/22/2020
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206. Marcy at the Gates

The family must defeat an entire ant army before they enter Newtopia. *Haley Tju ("Bella and the Bulldogs") guest stars as Marcy, Michelle Dockery ("Downton Abbey") guest stars as Lady Olivia, and Keith David ("The Princess and the Frog") guest stars as King Andrias.
Air Date: 08/15/2020
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205. Swamp and Sensibility / Wax Museum

"Swamp and Sensibility" – When Anne discovers an old friend who has been living a double life, she becomes fixated on helping him be his true self. *Kermit the Frog guest stars as Crumpet the Frog and Hugh Bonneville ("Downton Abbey") guest stars as Wigbert. "Wax Museum" – The family visits a mysterious roadside oddities museum where every treasure comes with a price. *Alex Hirsch (Disney's "Gravity Falls") guest stars as The Curator and Frog Soos.
Air Date: 08/08/2020
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204. Quarreler's Pass / Toadcatcher

"Quarreler's Pass" – Hop Pop drops Sprig and Polly off at an obstacle-filled mountain trail designed to help them get along. "Toadcatcher" – Sasha and Grime must reconcile their differences to escape Newtopia's most skilled warrior, General Yunnan. *Zehra Fazal ("Voltron: Legendary Defender") guest stars as General Yunnan. Anna Akana ("Youth & Consequences") returns as Sasha, Matt Jones ("Breaking Bad") returns as Percy, and Troy Baker ("Young Justice") returns as Grime.
Air Date: 08/01/2020
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203. Truck Stop Polly/A Caravan Named Desire

"Truck Stop Polly" – Feeling unappreciated by her family, Polly hatches a plan to make them pay attention to her. "A Caravan Named Desire" – Hop Pop signs the family up to join a traveling theater troupe, hoping to realize his dream of being an actor. *Susan Egan (Disney's "Hercules") and Max Mittelman ("Marvel Future Avengers") guest star as Renee Frodgers and Francis, respectively.
Air Date: 07/25/2020
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202. The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar/Anne Hunter

"The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar" – Hop Pop's efforts to be hailed as a hero amongst some small-town folks backfires when he stands up to the wrong family. *Jenifer Lewis ("black-ish") and Keith Ferguson ("DuckTales") guest star as Mama Hasselback and Judro Hasselback, respectively.
Air Date: 07/18/2020
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201. Handy Anne/Fort in the Road

"Handy Anne" – Worried that something bad could happen while they are in Newtopia, Anne decides to disaster-proof the farm. "Fort in the Road" – Sprig longs for exotic road trip adventures, but Hop Pop's strict road rules threaten to spoil all of his fun plans.
Air Date: 07/11/2020
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Season 01

120. Reunion

During a banquet hosted by the toads, Anne is reunited with a friend from home.
Air Date: 07/18/2019

117. Cursed! / Fiddle Me This

"Cursed!" - After Anne helps Sprig break up with Maddie, strange things start happening to them. "Fiddle Me This" – When a popular talent competition comes to Wartwood, Hop Pop goes overboard in training Sprig to win. *Olympic figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir guest star as celebrity talent show judges.
Air Date: 07/15/2019

116. Family Fishing Trip / Bizarre Bazaar

"Family Fishing Trip" - Sprig wants to spend time with Hop Pop on their family fishing trip, but Hop Pop's friend Sylvia gets in the way. "Bizarre Bazaar" - Anne's music box goes missing at the mysterious and exclusive Bizarre Bazaar.
Air Date: 07/11/2019

115. A Night at the Inn / Wally and Anne

"A Night at the Inn" - The Plantars stay at a bed and breakfast for the night, but Polly discovers the caretakers aren't what they seem. *Chris Sullivan ("This Is Us") and Kari Wahlgren ("DC Super Hero Girls") guest star as Teddy and Martha, respectively. "Wally and Anne" – Everyone calls Anne crazy when she claims to have seen the mythical Moss Man.
Air Date: 07/10/2019

113. Croak and Punishment / Trip to the Archives

"Croak and Punishment" - When Sprig's rare and precious Blue Moon Shell is stolen, he and Anne investigate to find the thief. *Chris Sullivan ("This Is Us") guest stars as Gunther and John DiMaggio ("Ben 10") returns as Stumpy. "Trip to the Archives" - To prepare for Anne's quest, the Plantars visit the town archives and accidentally get trapped.
Air Date: 07/08/2019

110. Toad Tax / Prison Break

"Toad Tax" - Anne befriends toad soldiers to gain respect in Wartwood. "Prison Break" - Toad Tower finds itself under attack by a pair of horrifying herons. *Matt Jones and Kristen Johnston (both from "Mom") guest star as Percy and Braddock, respectively.
Air Date: 07/02/2019

109. Lily Pad Thai / Plantar's Last Stand

"Lily Pad Thai" - Anne gets a job at Stumpy's diner and transforms the humble frog eatery into a flashy Thai fusion restaurant. *Kevin McDonald ("Lilo & Stitch") and John DiMaggio ("Ben 10") guest star as Mr. Duckweed and Stumpy, respectively. "Plantar's Last Stand" - When rent on the Plantar's food stand skyrockets, Anne has to show Hop Pop the key to being a great salesman. *Jack McBrayer ("30 Rock") guest stars as Toadie and James Patrick Stuart ("General Hospital") returns as One-Eyed Wally.
Air Date: 07/01/2019

107. The Domino Effect / Taking Charge

"The Domino Effect" - Anne wants to keep a caterpillar as a pet, but she'll have to keep it a secret from Hop Pop. "Taking Charge" - After one of the Plantars mysteriously runs out the charge on Anne's phone, the family embarks on a mission to try and recharge it.
Air Date: 06/20/2019

102. Hop Luck / Stakeout

"Hop Luck" - To win a village cooking contest, Anne leads the family on a quest to make pizza. "Stakeout" - Sprig wants Anne and Hop Pop to get along, so he tricks them into going on a stakeout.
Air Date: 06/19/2019

101. Cane Crazy / Flood, Sweat & Tears

"Cane Crazy" - When Anne breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane, she and her friends set out to replace it. "Flood, Sweat & Tears" – When Anne's bedroom floods, she and Sprig must bunk together.
Air Date: 06/18/2019

103. Anne or Beast? / Best Fronds

"Anne or Beast?" - Sprig tries to capture a mysterious beast to prove that he's responsible. *Stephen Root ("Barry") guest stars as Mayor Toadstool and James Patrick Stuart ("General Hospital") guest stars as One-Eyed Wally. "Best Fronds" - Sprig takes Anne swimming in a nearby lake to help her feel less homesick.
Air Date: 06/17/2019