The View


Season 27


The 35th-anniversary reunion with the cast of “A Different World,” including Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Dawnn Lewis, Cree Summer, Darryl Bell and Debbie Allen
Air Date: 04/17/2024
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Chef Jose Andrés and actress Sydney Sweeney are the guests today on ABC’s “The View” airing on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.
Air Date: 03/20/2024
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General Coverage with guests Don Lemon; Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on Friday, March 15, 2024 on ABC’s “The View.”
Air Date: 03/15/2024
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Governor of New York Kathy Hochul is a guest today on ABC’s “The View.”
Air Date: 03/13/2024
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Air Date: 02/19/2024
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Rita Ora and John Quinones
Air Date: 02/16/2024
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Jennifer Lopez (album and series, “This Is Me… Now”)
Air Date: 02/15/2024
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Amy Schumer (“Life & Beth”)
Air Date: 02/14/2024
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Billy Dee Williams (author, “What Have We Here?”)
Air Date: 02/13/2024
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Killer Mike (album, “Michael”)
Air Date: 02/12/2024
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Daytime Exclusive: “The Political View” with Vice President Kamala Harris live in studio
Air Date: 01/17/2024
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“The View’s” Martin Luther King, Jr. Day show
Air Date: 01/15/2024
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Former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) (author, “Oath and Honor”) makes her first-ever appearance on “The View”
Air Date: 01/10/2024
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Barry Manilow (composer, Broadway’s “Harmony”)
Air Date: 01/09/2024
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. 01/05/24

Friday, Jan. 5 – “The View” celebrates Ana Navarro’s birthday
Air Date: 01/05/2024

. 01/04/24

Kate Hudson is a guest on ABC’s “The View” airing Thursday, January 4, 2024.
Air Date: 01/04/2024
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1113. 11/13/23

Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday show with guest Gladys Knight.
Air Date: 11/13/2023
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1109. 11/09/23

John Legend is a guest on ABC’s ‘’The View’’ airing Thursday, November 9, 2023.
Air Date: 11/09/2023
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1108. 11/08/23

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joined by Shannon Cohn.
Air Date: 11/08/2023
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1020. 10/20/23

“50th Anniversary of Hip Hop” performance
Air Date: 10/20/2023
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1019. 10/19/23

Nathan Lane and Bowen Yang (film, “Dicks: The Musical”); Breast Cancer Awareness Month exclusive interview with Linda Evangelista
Air Date: 10/19/2023
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1016. 10/16/23

American Girl’s 2023 Doll of the Year reveal; organization expert and author Shira Gill(“Organized Living”); food blogger and cookbook author Natasha Kravchuk(“Natasha’s Kitchen”); a chat and performance by Muna
Air Date: 10/16/2023
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1006. 10/06/23

Joy Behar’s birthday show included “Joy’s Tag Sale” and guest, actress Anne Hathaway.
Air Date: 10/06/2023
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920. 09/20/23

Natasha Bedingfield and MILCK are guests on “The View”
Air Date: 09/20/2023
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912. 09/12/23

Matthew McConaughey is a guest on “The View” on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.
Air Date: 09/12/2023
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905. 09/05/23

The View’s Season 27 begins today, Tuesday, September 5, 2023. “The View” airs weekdays, 11am-12pm, ET on ABC.
Air Date: 09/05/2023
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