The Bachelor


Season 28

2810. Finale and After the Final Rose

After an incredibly emotional season, Joey’s final two women will meet his family in gorgeous Tulum. Then, he’ll sit down with Jesse Palmer in front of a live studio audience to watch a season ending play out like none other in Bachelor history.
Air Date: 03/25/2024

The Women Tell All

It’s an emotional evening for 16 spectacular women who reunite with Joey and each other for the first time since filming. Plus, the meaning behind Kelsey A.’s note is revealed, and a difficult rose ceremony determines who will meet Joey’s family.
Air Date: 03/18/2024


Joey and his three remaining women make their way to Tulum, Mexico, for a week of dates that could change everything. As the possibility of sharing a night together looms, a few familiar faces arrive to offer advice ahead of those pivotal decisions.
Air Date: 03/11/2024
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An excited and anxious Joey makes his way to the hometowns of his four incredible remaining women. It’s a week that could change everything as he meets their families and has important conversations about what the future may hold for each of them.
Air Date: 03/04/2024
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. 2807

Joey and his six remaining women make their way to Jasper, Canada, for an emotional and high-pressure week. With hometowns on the horizon, Joey will need to find clarity in his connections before choosing the four women whose families he’ll meet.
Air Date: 02/26/2024
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Joey and his 10 remaining women are crossing oceans again and this time they’re headed to Montreal, Canada. As hometowns inch closer, nerves are running high for all of the women, but it’s Joey who seems to be struggling the most to open up, and the week starts off with him sharing his worries in hopes that his honesty will encourage the others. Later, a high-flying one-on-one date has one woman seeing hearts, and a second has another taking a long look in the mirror. Then, the remaining women work to push through their insecurities on an exhilarating group date, but one woman must reconcile with more than just her fears about a date and make a decision that could change everything heading into an emotional rose ceremony.
Air Date: 02/19/2024


The dramatic conclusion to the cocktail party cliffhanger brings exciting news – “The Bachelor” is off to Spain. In Andalusia, two one-on-ones and a group date lead to another emotional rose ceremony and a sneak peek at the rest of the season.
Air Date: 02/13/2024


The Bachelor is hitting the road – first stop, Malta. The 15 remaining women pack their bags and prepare to join Joey overseas as the next phase on his journey to find love begins. First up, one lucky lady joins Joey as they explore the gorgeous capital city, Valleta, and share an emotional dinner with its historic coast serving as the backdrop. Then, the largest group date of the season has the women prepared to go medieval in their fight for love, and the tension growing in the house comes to a head on a two-on-one date, plus, a cocktail party full of thorns. Will the waters off the coast be the only thing offering clarity, or will Joey get the answers he needs to hand out a date rose?
Air Date: 02/12/2024


As Joey’s journey to love continues, he’s joined by a few familiar faces. First, the ASKN ladies of “The Golden Bachelor” – April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy – return at the week’s first group date to offer up some advice and help find Joey’s Mrs. Right. Then, one lucky woman hits the beach for a romantic one-on-one date; and the remaining women gear up for a tennis date like none other, guest judged by host Jesse Palmer alongside ESPN’s James Blake and Pam Shriver. Later, Joey decides to spice up the cocktail party, but it’s not all sunshine between the women even at a pool party. Will a heated conversation make enough waves to rock Joey’s confidence in his connections, or will it be smooth sailing?
Air Date: 02/05/2024


With the women moved into the mansion, Joey’s first group date gives several ladies the chance to experience their own wedding reception. The stakes are higher than ever as the “brides” compete for an intimate first dance with Joey, set to smooth vocals of Michael Bolton. Next, Joey and one lucky lady fly off to the Beach Life Music Festival for the first one-on-one date of the season, featuring a performance by Bahamas! Later, with the help of Bachelor Nation alumni Demi Burnett and Jubilee Sharpe, Joey determines which women have the courage and endurance to be his long-term partner in a paintball battle. It’s still early, but with rumors starting to swirl, tensions begin to erupt amongst the women.
Air Date: 01/29/2024

. 2801

Love awaits 32 extraordinary women as they make “Bachelor” history and open their hearts to Joey Graziadei on the season premiere of “The Bachelor.” With a first impression rose on the table, every moment counts.
Air Date: 01/22/2024