Abbott Elementary


Season 03

05. Breakup

When Barbara’s church choir uses the gym for rehearsals, Ava notices tensions in the group. Jacob’s eagerness for a full social calendar worries Gregory. Melissa and Janine investigate a new substitute.
Air Date: 02/28/2024
Media: Releases

04. Smoking

After a student is caught smoking, the Abbott staff come together to revamp the outdated drug policy. Meanwhile, Janine tries to prep the new substitute teacher for her class but finds it challenging to give up her former role.
Air Date: 02/21/2024

03. Gregory’s Garden Goofballs

Gregory is hesitant when kids start hanging out in his classroom at lunch, looking to him for advice as the “cool teacher.” Barbara is shocked to find Tariq is dating the mother of one of her students. Janine and Jacob try to hire an ASL interpreter.
Air Date: 02/14/2024

01 / 02. Career Day Part 1 / Career Day Part 2

It’s a new year at Abbott Elementary, and Janine is as eager as ever. She plans a district-wide initiative – Career Day – and is anxious for it to be a success. Meanwhile, Ava has a new approach to her job, and Melissa is asked a surprising question.
Air Date: 02/07/2024