Press release

May 3, 2024

Production Biographies

Shianne Brown – Director, “D-Day”
Shianne Brown has a wealth of experience developing and delivering premium singles and series, working as well with sensitive contributors as she does with high-profile talent and organizations. She is diligent and astute and has a passion for character-led historical documentaries. Her first-time directorial project, the documentary short “Take Your Knee Off My Neck,” was nominated for a Grierson. She also produced the BBC’s landmark “Fight the Power” series, which was Grierson and BAFTA-nominated and awarded a Royal Television Society Award.

Charlene Osuagwu – Producer, “D-Day”
Charlene Osuagwu is a conscientious and enthusiastic producer with experience in sensitive and high-pressure environments, as well as negotiating complex access. She has a track record of establishing strong and immediate relationships with contributors from wide-ranging and diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about bold, nuanced and revelatory storytelling.

Daniel Dewsbury – Director, “Dunkirk”
Winner of the 2020 BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Award, Daniel Dewsbury is a determined and tenacious director with significant experience in maintaining relationships in extremely sensitive situations and has a wonderful talent for drawing out remarkable stories. He has a particular skill in looking for the extraordinary within the ordinary. He is most enthusiastic about working on documentaries that push the form and give voice to marginalized communities. Starting his career as a cinematographer, Dewsbury won the Guild of Camera Professionals Award twice for Excellence in Factual Cinematography, and he was also nominated for a BAFTA for Factual Cinematography in 2018 and 2019. He has also won four Royal Television Society Awards for Cinematography and has been nominated for eight BAFTAS as a director, most recently for the biographical feature documentary “Hatton.”

Priya Biring – Producer, “Dunkirk”
Priya Biring is a determined and resourceful producer with a background in journalism. She can handle both difficult access and casting sensitive or challenging contributors. She has a proven track record of knowing what makes a good on-screen character and instinctively cements long-lasting relationships with all her contributors. Biring is particularly interested in elevating marginalized communities’ voices through exploring the themes of racism and migration. 

George Amponsah – Director, “Pearl Harbor”
George Amponsah is a multiple award-winning, BAFTA-nominated filmmaker whose mission as a director is to make bold, popular and diverse content, groundbreaking documentaries, and innovative specialist factual series. Some of his most recent work includes “Black Power,” a 90-minute film executive-produced by Oscar® winner Steve McQueen for the BBC, and “Enslaved,” a six-part documentary series for the BBC hosted by Samuel L Jackson that tells the story of the trans-Atlantic slave trade through underwater archaeology. Amponsah’s debut feature film, “Gassed Up,” was announced for launch on Amazon Prime in 2024.

Miranda Wilson – Producer, “Battle of the Bulge”
Miranda Wilson is an award-winning producer, edit producer and journalist with a passion for history and social issues. Best known for “The Greatest Events of World War Two in Colour” (Netflix) and “Narrow Escapes of World War 2” (Yesterday), she has extensive experience interviewing war veterans and tracking down their relatives for on- and off-screen contributions. Her focus is on bringing alternative voices to the fore, and she excels in dealing with sensitive issues and bringing out the best in contributors.