Meli Povenmire

Meli Povenmire is an actor currently voicing Gretel in Disney’s "Hamster & Gretel." Povenmire was born in 2008 while their father Dan Povenmire, co-creator of "Phineas and Ferb," was deep into the second season of the show. Meli's formative years were spent visiting the studio, and being surrounded by comedy writers and voice actors. At 12, Meli started writing and performing their own comedy skits for TikTok and YouTube, then went on to provide temporary voices for a few pilots at Disney, including Mike Roth's "Macaloons" and Bob Bowen's "Weird Waters." When Dan Povenmire was first putting together his pilot for "Hamster & Gretel" during quarantine, he used his two children as temporary voices for all the female characters. As the pilot moved forward through each stage, all of the other roles were recast, but Meli's voice for Gretel fit so well that it remained. This is Meli's very first official voiceover role, and they are proud and excited for the premiere of "Hamster & Gretel."