Max Torina

Andres Padillo: Upside-Down Magic

Max Torina stars as Andres Padillo, a quiet but handsome Flyer at the Sage Academy of Magical Studies, in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Upside-Down Magic,” based on the best-selling book series. While Andres has mastered the art of flying up, his inability to fly back down to the ground lands him in the UDM class.

Best known for his co-starring role in “X,” a short film written and directed by Yara Shahidi, he has also guest-starred on Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home,” as well as TNT’s “Animal Kingdom.”

Born in Santa Barbara, Torina has studied acting for television and film in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo and his hometown. A talented drummer, he has played in the award-winning Santa Ynez Valley Jazz Band for four years. He also enjoys writing and playing on his high school basketball team.

TWITTER: @Max_Torina