Kyan Samuels

Kyan Samuels stars as Pretty, one of Frankie’s Underworld companions, on Disney Channel’s new series “Pretty Freekin Scary,” based on the popular book series of the same title.

A talented young actor from San Diego, California, Samuels has been a natural performer from an early age. As a baby, he loved nothing more than surprising his family by trying to make them laugh. By the time he was 4 years old, he was impersonating legends like Michael Jackson and Captain Hook and winning contests at theme parks.

Samuels started his professional acting career at the age of 6 when he caught the attention of producers on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He went on to do several skits on multiple episodes. From there, Samuels had the exciting opportunity to appear in the 47th season of the beloved children’s series “Sesame Street.” Samuels’ breakout came when he landed the role of Austin on Nickelodeon’s live-action sitcom “Game Shakers.” His talent also led him to work on several network television pilots, playing the role of Nathan on ESPN’s scripted comedy “Jalen Vs. Everybody” and the role of Derrick on CBS’ multicam comedy “Our House.” While these pilots were not picked up, it afforded Samuels the opportunity to work with industry legends like James Burrows and Katherine Heigl.

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