Ayden Elijah

Ayden Elijah plays “Albert,” a super cute third grader who is the master at getting what he wants, in the Disney Original Movie “The Naughty Nine.” Elijah is a 9-year-old Afro-Latino from Southern California, born in the Inland Empire. Elijah is an actor, voiceover artist and model who got his start in the industry in 2022 when Journeys Kidz reached out to him for print/commercial work. Since then, Elijah’s career has skyrocketed immensely. He has successfully booked many projects with top names like Disney, Nickelodeon, Nike, Calvin Klein, McDonald’s and many more. When Elijah is not busy on projects, he is enjoying life by playing sports such as football, soccer, basketball and baseball. He also enjoys creating art, building with Legos, playing on his PS3 and hanging out with friends and family.