Anthony Joo

Anthony Joo stars as Lewis, a nervous fifth grader with a real knack for technology and an obsession with conspiracies, in the Disney Original Movie “The Naughty Nine.” Joo is a Korean American actor born and raised in New York City. Even at an early age, Joo’s parents noticed that he loved to perform in front of others. Joo began auditioning in earnest during the pandemic and soon after booked his first commercial. Most recently, Joo appeared as a guest star on an episode of “New Amsterdam” (NBC) and also landed a job voicing a role for an upcoming animated special. Joo enjoys all types of music and has been playing the violin since he was 4 years old. He is in the fifth grade, and his favorite subject is writing. In his free time, he loves to hang out on the beach, bodyboarding and swimming and is represented by Zuri Agency.