Nashville, Tennessee
Cybersecurity Consultant, 26

Sandra is as hardworking and compassionate as she is beautiful. She has her life all figured out, from her career to her social life, and now she’s ready to be a part of the power couple of which she’s always dreamed. The cybersecurity agent truly loves love and is hoping her future husband will also be her best friend. When she’s not working, Sandra loves watching “Suits,” traveling the world, and going on hot girl walks. She also can’t wait to be a mom and wants to start a family soon. Sandra is so excited about this unique opportunity to find love with Joey and we can’t wait to see if he’s what she’s been looking for!

Fun Facts:
• Sandra loves going on hot girl walks with her girlfriends.
• Sandra would have thrived in the ’80s.
• Sandra loves football and throws a mean spiral.