The Goldbergs

Primetime – ScriptedSEASON PREMIERE: Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 8:30pm ET

The Goldbergs are back! Our iconic ‘80s family returns for a larger than life ninth season. The gang’s all here, with some surprise guest appearances, and they’re funnier and more heartfelt than ever before. Our favorite Jenkintown family continues to navigate a classic decade, filled with hi-jinks, heart and hilarity. As life unfolds with new challenges, the Goldbergs continue to remind us that there is no bond greater than family and there is nothing they can’t handle with the support of one another.

The season begins with the Goldbergs reflecting on the loss of their beloved Pops and together they decide to pay tribute to his memory by visiting his old stomping grounds. Adam, a forever filmmaker at heart, captures the journey on camera theming it to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” In fact, as a senior in high school, Adam is more than ready to move on and pursue his creative dreams in college, but his plans are slightly sidelined when he discovers he has been waitlisted at NYU. While he works to sway the deferral decision, Erica and Geoff enter the next chapter of their lives together – wedding planning. Lessons of patience and partnership evolve, with Geoff clumsily navigating his way around Erica’s hard to meet needs.

Meanwhile, Beverly continues to insert herself and her overbearing opinions in every aspect of her children’s lives – from college entry to wedding planning – while simultaneously welcoming the Goldberg’s cluelessly intrusive new neighbor, Mr. Glascott, to the community. Barry finds himself eager for his pre-med future but struggles to fully let go of the past, reflecting on childhood memories and his alter ego, “Big Tasty.”

The family patriarch Murray grumpily watches from the sidelines as antics unfold but always with a watchful and loving eye, and a word or two of wisdom to guide his outrageous family along.


Ambir Sniezko

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