Alex Trebek, Remembered: A ‘20/20’ Special

ABC News, November 8th at 10pm ET

A primetime special on the life and legacy of Alex Trebek, the iconic television host of “Jeopardy!” The one-hour special profiles the beloved television star, who was the host of the longest-running quiz show in the U.S. In interviews over the past year with “Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan and “GMA3: What You Need To Know” co-Anchor T.J. Holmes, Trebek spoke candidly about living with cancer and the lessons he’s learned. He talked about what he hoped his last days would be like and how grateful he was that he had a chance to discover all the love his viewers held for him as he confronted stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Prior to his passing, Strahan had a rare interview with Jean Trebek, Alex’s wife of more than 30 years, in which she talked about dealing with her husband’s illness and what it taught each of them. The special includes “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts’ interview with Trebek when he first revealed his diagnosis and decided to help bring awareness to symptoms of the illness. In interviews before his death, Trebek’s co-workers reflect on his persistence, strength and his respect for his fans. The hour includes a behind-the-scenes look at “Jeopardy!” through Trebek’s eyes and rare footage of his early start on television. “Alex Trebek, Remembered: A ‘20/20’ Special” hosted by ABC News’ Chris Connelly airs Sunday, Nov. 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.